Baker Guns & Gold Pawn Provides Loans

Whether a large or small loan, Baker Guns & Gold Pawn has the easiest and best repayment plan guaranteed!

Baker Guns & Gold Pawn Has The Best Loans Guaranteed!

Do you have an emergency or an unexpected bill and need some FAST CASH? No problem, WE'RE HERE FOR YOU! Bring us an item of collateral and we will give you a 30 day loan. You can make a monthly interest payment and keep it in as long as you like!

We also BUY and TRADE items that you no longer want or need.

What is a Loan?

Pawning and Loaning are the same thing. Bring us an item of collateral and we loan you money. Popular items include firearms, tools, Gold & Silver Jewelry,and Electronic devices made after 2016. Interest does apply.

Why are loans useful?

If you are needing fast cash or an unexpected bill comes up, but you don’t want to sell your items, A loan is perfect for you!

Can’t make your payment for another week?

If you get into a situation where you cannot make your monthly payment or pick up your items on time, we WILL work with you. Call us and we will give you an extention, our number is (904)259-7800.

Timing on payment and pickup.

A pawn is a 30 day loan, but you have 60 days to either redeem your item or make a payment. Making a payment extends your loan for another 30 days.

Please feel free to call, email us or message us on facebook if you have any questions or concerns.


Baker Guns & Gold Pawn inc.

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